Listed below are some articles related to Magnum engines.

This article inspired us to try Magnum engines in the first place. Though Hot Rod uses a crate motor in this article, the shortblock is internally identical to the stock Magnum engines. We’ve been able to better their results using a junkyard shortblock, Iron Ram heads, and a custom cam that is similar to, but smaller, than the custom grind used in the article:
400+ horsepower Magnum with bolt-ons

Wikipedia writeup on Magnum engines:
Wikipedia- Magnum Engines

Granted, this article is about an LA 318, but they utilize the EQ (Iron Ram) casting referred to on this site:
318 with Magnum heads

This article is about a max-effort (if not max budget) 318 Magnum. The results are impressive.
318 Engine Masters Magnum

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